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K. Winter Sanitation Inc. Specialize in construction toilets for home builders, new condo construction, industrial / commercial buildings, road work. Any construction site big or small we have the knowledge and expertise to keep the job site running efficient, safe, clean and keeping the workers happy. We have 24 service trucks on the road with trained drivers who know how to keep portable toilets clean.


Flush Toilet with a Trap, Paper Towels and Waterless Hand Sanitizer in all our Construction Toilets. Its the law. Yes you can have Heated Warm Water Sink Cleanup Facility(see below) or Cold Water Sink in any of our Toilets, and we supply the water. Yes they work in the Winter. Click on right to view our products.

  • New Sling(Crain) lift portable toilet with clean up facility is engineered to meet the five times the maxium load rating
  • Wheelie's toilets are on wheels that can go on elevators and through a regular doorway
  • If you have electricty on site you are supposed to have heated warm water cleanup facility for your workers,, (Ministry of Labour section 29 green hand book.)
  • Clean-up Facility inside each portable toilet with Heated Warm Water Sink
  • Infrared Heat Light or Electric heater fan mounted to wall
  • Electrical Safety Authority Approved
  • Patent heated warm water heating tube
  • Canadian #2351910 USA #6628894B2
  • Requires 110 volt 300 Watts
  • Locally Owned & Operated By The Winter Family

Your construction business is important to us. Winter’s uniformed and trained staff provide quick and reliable service. View our products page to see what type of unit you need for your site.

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Links --------If you do-not have a water sink to wash your hands in your portable toilet... Phone--Ministry of Labour 1-877-202-0008 and ask why?? All portable toilet's are supposed to have a sink and paper towels in each toilet on a construction site in Ontario. IT'S THE LAW

Portable Toilet Regulations for Construction- ( Note Warm water sink is acceptable as the intent is hot & cold water sink to blend to make warm water)

Toilet Reg. Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects (for Ontario)



Safety Acts and Regulations for all Construction Projects in Ontario (The Green Handbook)

Will let you know what is safe and what is unsafe on construction sites.

Green Construction Handbook (Occupation Health and Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects)

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Std Sure Flush Toilet
Modular Toilet
Barrier Free Toilet
Wheelchair Accessible
Roll-Out's For High-Rise Building's with warm water Clean up Facility
Supreme Portable Toilet

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