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New Double Supreme Portable Toilet

This new Double Supreme Portable toilet comes with a Much larger interior space with Electric heat and heated warm water sink Clean-up Facility. Looks great on any site. Easy to move by forklift.

  • Better then a trailer as no steps to trip over
  • Two separate units each with its own door.
  • Double supreme can be two womens or two mens or one of each or gender at all.
  • Heated Warm Water Sink Clean up Facility
  • Hands free flush pump and sink
  • Lockable
  • Fresh water flush with trap
  • Engery effeicent light
  • Works with or without electricity
  • Electric fan heater mounted on the wall
  • Paper Towels and Toilet Paper
  • Solid walls built for durabilty and heat retention.
  • Self contained units requires two 15 amps 110 volts cords
  • Urnial or no urnial option
  • Electrical Safety Authority Approved
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Double SupremeDouble Supreme